Sorry for writing in english,
but I think i feel more confortable writing in english than in japanese.

This is the first time that I and my boyfriend participate in a gay group of any kind.
It is very good to be among people we can talk to without having to worry about being gay.
We are ”out” to our parents and closest friends,
 but not at our work place, so it’s very stressful during the week.

It’s at the same time informative and fun in a way a common conversation class cannot be.
Talking about the regular class, I was very impressed with the english level of the participants.
About the teaching method applied in the regular class, I can’t say aything yet …
I think it’s missing something but I don’t have any idea or suggestion to make at the moment.
We are going to participate in the next saturday so よろしくお願いします。




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